What to look for when choosing a garden fence

What to look for in a garden fence - TTS Garden Services

What to look for when choosing a garden fence

As we head deeper into Autumn, with its more unsettled – sometimes stormy – weather, it’s a good time to check any fencing around your garden and consider replacing any which might not last the Winter.

Especially as storms, like those we suffered at the start of this year, are becoming more frequent and stronger.

As with most things in your garden, there are a range of garden fence options to choose from based on what you want the fence to do. Here are the things you need to consider:

  • Security – if the fence is on a border of your property, you may want a tall, solid panel fence for maximum security. Solid panels offer more strength than slatted fencing and are also harder to climb over. Police advise that all fences, particularly those at the back of your property, are kept in good condition to help protect you from burglary. A fence with a long guarantee which has been pressure-treated should ensure it stays in safe, secure and attractive condition for many years.
  • Privacy – you don’t have to be a naturist to want to have some privacy in your garden – perhaps your house is close to those of your neighbours, so choosing fencing which uses solid panels or overlapping slats to block their view from ground level allows you to enjoy your garden and what you do in it without being observed while you get away from it all.
  • Wind – although you want a want a fence to shield you from the wind while enjoying your garden, if it’s installed within a wind-prone area it’s crucial to consider the effect wind may have on your fence panels or they could come a cropper in the next storm. If the spot has a track record for fence-breaking gusts during storms (ask your neighbours if you’ve not spent Spring or Winter there), you may have to instal a slatted fence with gaps to let strong gusts through rather than have them topple the fence. Ranch-style fencing can do this while maintaining privacy, but if past storm gusts have been very strong you may have to go for trellis-style panels – to let more air through, at the expense of privacy on that side.
  • Light and shade – if you find shadows cast by a fence over your garden are a problem, then look to a fence with gaps between the slats to allow light through. There are a range of slatted options which let light and air into your garden while adding a sleek, modern look suited to more contemporary-style gardens. Alternatively, you can have a solid panel with a trellis or topper on top to allow light through there.
  • Noise – if noise from neighbouring properties is an issue, you should look at fencing which can reflect or absorb noise heading toward it.
  • Children and pets – when considering young children and pets which will use your garden, the two main things to consider are: 1) The size of the gaps within fencing panels – ensure they’re not big enough for your pet or child to fit through them while you’re looking the other way; 2) The height of your fence – it obviously needs to be higher than your pet can jump. If it’s young, consider what height it could jump when fully grown! Also, think about the depth of gaps at the bottom pets or children could wriggle through! For dogs, picket and palisade fencing are good choices, along with chain mesh.
  • Height – if you’re going for a solid panel fence, think about whether you want to be able to see over it or not, and allow others to see you from the other side. You also need to take into account planning law – since last year (2019) you need planning consent from your local authority for fences over two metres in height.
  • Style – you need to take account of the overall style of garden you’re trying to create. Wooden fencing like picket, lap panels or feather edge best suit the more traditional garden design, while modular fencing, available in steel and aluminium as well as wood, is best if you’re trying to create a modern, contemporary feel.
  • Zoning your garden – if you want to use fencing to create different zones in your garden, look at short, decorative fence with an open design.
  • Existing fencing – don’t forget to take into consideration the height and style of any existing fencing you already have if you want to keep it alongside any new fencing.


Taking all those things into consideration, have a think about your priorities before giving us a call about making final choices to best suit your needs and having us instal some new fencing to see you through the Winter and many years to come.


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